Attach T Permit Car, Driver, Auto, Eats with UBER Mumbai in just 30 mins

Whatsapp today to get information about UBER Business. Faster Onboarding of car & driver.


Express Car Attach

No Long Queues. Faster Processing. Faster Onboarding.

Open On Saturdays

We Love To Get Your Car Onboarded On Saturdays Too.

Whatsapp Support

Dont Have Time To Call? Just Whatsapp Us Your Queries.

Steps to start business with UBER Mumbai

1. Apply for a ghumasta / udyog aadhar license under tours & travels segment 5. After Car delivery, contact us to get free onsite car attachment with UBER Mumbai
2. Book any desired car for Uber business 6. Get guidance on how to optimise the business
3. Get Uber comfort letter from us 7. Buy a smart phone with minimum 2 GB RAM with 4G Internet
4. Get Car loan 8. Business starts as soon as Partner and Driver account gets activated

Insurance Renewal for Tourist Cars at 70% Discounts

Get the insurance in best rate in market.

Contact UBER dost Mumbai

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